Q & A: With your GI Tax Professional

Q: is private school tuition tax deductible for minors?

A: Unfortunately, no. If your child attends a K-12 private school, there is no federal tax deduction or credit you qualify for that will help pay for tuition — not even school uniforms. However, once your child graduates and attends a college you're paying for, you'll start qualifying for certain education deductions.

5 Important Tips to Help you Repair your Credit

Low credit scores are nothing to laugh about. Poor credit makes it difficult to get a car loan, mortgage, apartment or credit card, and in some cases, it can even prevent a person from getting a job. Whether it’s from identity theft, overspending or other reasons, here are five steps for debtors to take immediately to improve their credit scores and get things back on track.

Pay Current Balances

Question of the Day

Question: If I buy donuts for my employees can I deduct them for my tax taxes?

Answer: 100 Percent Deductible Meals