Stand Up! With GI Tax!

GI Tax refuses to sit down.  GI Tax will not support those who do not respect Our Flag or our Veterans. 

We have decided as a company, whose main purpose is to support Our Veterans, Our Flag, and America, to withdraw at this time any of our support we have had for the National Football League (NFL).

Game and Tailgate Sweepstakes

Members of the Armed forces (present and past) may enter for a chance to win!

Reasons You Should Not Wait Until Extension Deadline to File Your Return

If you filed for an extension of time to file your 2015 federal tax return and you also chose to have advance payments of the premium tax credit made to your coverage provider. If you fall into this category, it’s important you file your return sooner rather than later. Here are four things for these taxpayers to know:

If you got a six-month extension of time to file, you do not need to wait until this fall to file your return and reconcile your advance payments. You can – and should - file as soon as you have all the necessary documentation.