Question: If I buy donuts for my employees can I deduct them for my tax taxes?

Answer: 100 Percent Deductible Meals

If you have employees, some of your meal expenses are 100 percent deductible. For example, the IRS allows businesses to fully deduct occasional small snacks and meals that are purchased for the benefit of employees. Doughnuts and coffee purchased for an office meeting are a perfect example. Lunches and dinners brought in to facilitate working through lunch or working late also count. The cost of food and drink involved in hosting a company wide event – like an annual picnic or a summer outing – are also deductible.

Final Word

Tax guidelines and requirements for meal deductions are surprisingly complex. Luckily, there are helpful resources available to help you sort through it. Please contact GI Tax at 321-259-4482 or for information or questions. They will be happy to have a free consultation with you regarding this and any other business or tax matter.