GI Tax refuses to sit down.  GI Tax will not support those who do not respect Our Flag or our Veterans. 

We have decided as a company, whose main purpose is to support Our Veterans, Our Flag, and America, to withdraw at this time any of our support we have had for the National Football League (NFL).

Today, we will unfortunately have to alter the rules of our NFL Bucs/Bears Tailgate Party contest. We will not be traveling as a company  to  celebrate any NFL football games. We will however, continue to support our Veterans who may choose to attend the game, honoring their freedoms, and will continue to have our sweepstakes for tickets to the Buc/Bears game in Tampa, Florida Veteran’s Day Weekend, November 13th in Tampa, Florida.

RESTATED RULES OF THE CONTEST:  Stand Up! With GI Tax! Create a video of yourself singing/humming/signing (any derivative of performance) of the National Anthem or reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and post it on our Facebook page and you will be automatically  entered to win two tickets to the game in Tampa Bay on November 13th plus 2 patriotic t-shirts (To wear to the game).

Stand UP! With Gi Tax and Stand Up! for our Veterans! #standup