We are getting excited over here at GI Tax! Next week marks the opening day for tax season and we wanted to help you get prepared. We’re always encouraging our customers to stay organized all year so that tax season is easy-peasy. We do realize, however, that’s often easier said than done. To further prepare you for tax season here are the four things you NEED if you want to rock your tax appointment.

  1. Your State Issued ID and your Social Security Card

For your GI Tax CPA to file your taxes they’re going to need to identify you to the IRS. The most common forms of identification are your driver’s license or your Passport, of course a military ID will work as well. Along with that, you’ll need to bring a second form of ID, this can easily be your Social Security card. After filing your taxes for the first time the IRS will issue you an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, this will also be helpful for your CPA if you already have one.

  1.  Your Tax Forms

You’ll need to bring your GI Tax CPA any tax forms you’ve received from your employer, or ones you’ve filled out yourself if you are self-employed. These are W-2 forms or a 1099 respectively. To avoid an audit, you’ll need to report all your income, so bring us proof of social security benefits, gambling earnings, retirement income, investment income, prizes and awards, and the list goes on. Ask us for a full list of income that requires reporting! You are filing your income tax after all, you’ll need to bring us your proof of income!

  1. Deductions

Here comes the fun part. Providing us with your proof of expenses means we can get you the biggest return possible. Bring us your self-employment expenses, business and education expenses, medical expenses, charitable contributions, mortgage interest costs, and even your tax-preparation fees from last year. The more you give us the more we can see how much of a refund we can get you from the IRS!

  1. Bank Account Info

If you want your refund directly deposited into your bank account, bring your bank account number and your GI Tax professional will be able to have that payment routed directly into your account. it's quick

Bonus! Well, it’s really not a bonus, but it could get you a bigger refund. If you had to deal with a natural disaster, theft, or other unexpected loss in the past year, bring us proof of that. There are provisions in the tax code that entitle you to more deductions if you had to go through any of the above tragedies.

If you have questions about other things you may need to bring us to make the most of your tax return, give us a call today. While we can’t start filing taxes until the 12th, we’d love to help you get organized.

See you next week!