With the deadline for filing your tax return quickly approaching, you may think that you can file your taxes on your own. While technically you can, you may be missing out on several advantages that using a tax professional can provide.

The ability to file your taxes from the comfort of your own home may seem like a desirable choice but it may not be the correct choice. Whether it’s the inconvenience of going somewhere or paying someone for help, many people decide to forgo the help of tax professionals to file their taxes on their own.

Here are some advantages you can gain by using the help of tax professionals.

Tax Professionals Know Tax Law

United States tax codes and regulations are very complicated and ever changing. There are now over 10 million words in the U.S. tax codes and regulations. If you’re like most Americans, you probably only think about tax laws when tax season rolls around.

For tax professionals, it’s their job to know the country’s tax codes and regulations. They’re also up-to-date on the codes and regulations, which is important because they change from year to year.

Tax Professionals Can Help You Get a Bigger Return

Unless you’re a tax professional yourself, you’re likely not an expert on tax codes and regulations. In fact, it’s likely that there are some common deductions that you’re missing. For tax professionals, it’s their job to know these deductions and make sure you’re getting them.

Tax Professionals Save Time and Frustration

Filing your tax return can be time consuming and very frustrating. Often times you’ll run into situations when filing your return where your lack of understanding becomes troublesome. This confusion can result in missing deductions and ultimately not receiving the return you deserve.

With the help of a tax professional, you can save a great deal of time because they understand every aspect of filing returns. Additionally, all you need to do is provide your information and the professional will take care of everything else alleviating all the potential frustration.

Tax Professionals Can Help You Avoid Common Tax Filing Pitfalls

Whether it’s mathematical mistakes or filing status errors, many Americans who file their taxes each year fall into pitfalls that result in their making mistakes when filing their taxes. While you may fill out several different forms throughout the year, you only file your taxes once a year. So some of the information you fill in may accidentally be written incorrectly.

Hiring a tax professional to help you file your tax return can help to avoid these potential mistakes. They understand exactly how each section of the form needs to be filled out and can help to ensure it’s done correctly.

Tax Professionals Don’t Make the Mistakes or Omissions You Might

No matter how much you focus on filling out your tax forms, your inexperience may still result in certain mistakes or omissions that could potentially cause trouble such as not receiving the proper return. Tax professionals spend each day during tax season helping customers file their taxes so if there’s anything missing or done incorrectly, they’ll notice immediately.

Tax Professionals Can Provide Assistance In Case of an Audit

Regardless of how truthful you are or how well you file your tax return, there is always the chance that you could be chosen for an audit by the IRS. It’s unlikely that you’re completely prepared for an audit or have already gone through an audit so it could be a troubling situation.

A tax professional understands exactly what goes into audits so they can prepare you for the experience. They’ll know exactly what you need or don’t need and can help you prepare so you won’t be caught off guard.

A vast majority of Americans file their taxes online each year without the assistance of a tax professional. No mater how intelligent you are or how confident you are about filing your taxes, you’re not as experienced or knowledgeable about the process as a tax professional.

At G.I. Tax, we have a full staff of professionals who have the experience and training necessary to ensure that you file your taxes correctly. Filing yourself could result in mistakes that may end up with you not receiving the return you deserve. Come in to G.I. Tax and let a professional make the process easier and more successful for you.