This week we’ll be getting ready to celebrate one of our country’s best holidays, Thanksgiving. While we’re selecting our turkey and preparing the feast we can’t help but think back to when our forefathers first came to this great land. Every year since we’ve been working to create a better America, and one way that we’re able to achieve that, is through our taxes.

Of course nobody likes to pay taxes, but you cannot deny their importance to our society. This Thanksgiving we wanted to remind all of our customers to be thankful for their taxes by reflecting on the good that they do for this great country of ours.

The US Military. Around 25 percent of your income tax goes to the Military. At GI Tax we are extremely thankful that our country is so invested in protecting the rights of its citizens at home and abroad through military spending. It costs to keep this country safe, and you can be thankful that you’re contributing to that cause.

Veterans Benefits. Another thing that GI Tax is especially thankful for is that a portion of American income taxes pay for veteran’s benefits. This includes health care, training, education, and housing expenses.

Education. Your taxes pay for public schools where your children go to learn and grow into educated adults. You can be thankful that your taxes are paying for the education of our great nation.

Law Enforcement. Another thing we can be thankful for our taxes funding is law enforcement. Two percent of income taxes pay for police officers that keep our streets safe, as well as our national court systems. With your yearly taxes, you’re keeping the our country’s justice system running smoothly.

These are just a few of the reasons why this Thanksgiving we can be thankful that we pay our taxes every year. So, while you’re carving up your turkey and dipping into those mashed potatoes, count among your blessings that you live in such an amazing country. Be thankful that your taxes are a drop of the grease that keeps this magnificent machine running. And, if you have any questions about where your income taxes are going, ask your tax professional at GI Tax.

From all at GI Tax, Happy Thanksgiving!