It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve seen a refund check and are excited to announce that today is finally the opening day of the 2016 tax season! That’s right, bring your W-2s your 1099s your charitable donations, boxes of receipts, and your government issued ID to any one of our veteran owned and operated GI Tax locations. Our former Marines, Army officers and Navy men and women are ready to prepare your taxes for the federal and state governments.

Now-a-days there are hundreds of ways you can prepare your taxes. You can do it yourself, the old fashioned way by filling out the appropriate forms and double checking your math. You can do it yourself the new fashioned way and type your info into any one of the hundreds of tax preparing apps available and hope they work. You can take your taxes to a professional CPA and have them prepare them for you. With all the options it’s hard to choose the best way to get your taxes prepared. However, when you have your taxes prepared by a CPA at GI Tax we can assure you that, first, no dime will be left behind, and second, your taxes will be prepared by a few of the most intelligent and detail oriented CPAs on the planet.

Our goal at GI Tax is to get you the biggest refund possible. We go over every thing you did financially over the previous year with a fine-toothed comb to make sure we leave no dime behind. You worked hard for your money, we want to make sure the government get what it’s owed - not a dime more - and you get what you worked so hard for.

 So, bring in your shoe boxes, bring in your forms, receipts and slips, and let’s start this tax season off right. We can’t wait to see you and get you the largest refund you’ve ever gotten with the professionals at GI Tax!

Happy Tax Season!