Benjamin Franklin once wrote that, “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Taxes are a necessary evil in our society. While nobody likes to pay taxes, it’s how we pay for our roads, schools, and emergency personnel amongst other things. But the residents of some states pay much more than others.

The Tax Foundation, a Washington, D.C. based independent tax policy research organization, released a report last week showing the ten most tax burdened states in the country based on the 2012 fiscal year. The study examined 26 different state and local taxes including property and income taxes. The tax burden of the residents is dependent on how much of their annual income is spent on local and state taxes.

The studied showed a tendency of the highest tax burdened states to be in the northeast, a result not very surprising. Due to the fact that so many of the states in the northeast are smaller states, many residents live in one state but work in another forcing them to pay taxes in both. For example, many residents of Connecticut and New Jersey work in New York City so they have to pay taxes in both their state and New York. As a result, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are the top three states on this list.

Overall the study found that 9.9 percent of the income earned by Americans pays for state and local taxes. “There’s an ongoing debate over how much is enough when it comes to taxes, but it isn’t always informed by accurate data,” said Tax Foundation Economist Nicole Kaeding. “Our study gives taxpayers a comprehensive look at where tax burdens are felt across the states, so that they can have an informed discussion on the size and reach of state and local taxes.”

Here are the top ten most tax burdened states from the report:

1. New York

In the Empire State, 12.7 percent of income goes toward state and local taxes. On average, New York residents pay $6,993.42 in annual taxes per person. An interesting fact about New York is that residents pay more than $1,400 in taxes to other states when outside of New York.

2. Connecticut

Residents of the Constitution State dedicate 12.6 percent of their annual income toward state and local taxes. Connecticuters total amount of taxes paid per capita is $7,869.38. Their per capita out-of-state taxes paid is more than $2,300 which is the highest in the country.

3. New Jersey

The tax burden of Garden State residents is at 12.2 percent. Residents of the state pay more per capita than $6,900.

4. Wisconsin

The tax burden for Wisconsinites is at 11 percent. Resident of the Badger State pay more than $4,700 per capita which places them as the highest state outside of the northeast on this list. While property taxes tend to be high in the state, incomes tend to not be as high.

5. Illinois

Illini have a tax burden of 11 percent, which is high enough to rank in the top five and second among Midwest states. Per capita residents of the Prairie State pay more than $5,230.

6. California

California taxpayers are levied with a tax burden of 11 percent. Per capita, residents of the Golden State pay more than $5,230. However, the tax burden of Californians has decreased over time. In 1977 the tax burden in the state was 12.2 percent.

7. Maryland

The tax burden in Maryland is 10.9 percent in 2016. Old Line State residents pay more than $5,900 per capita.

8. Minnesota

Minnesotans tax burden is eighth in the country at 10.8 percent. Residents of the North Star State pay more than $5,184 in state and local taxes per capita.

9. Rhode Island

The tax burden of Rhode Islanders is at 10.8 percent. Residents of the Ocean State pay more than $4,499 per capita.

10. Oregon

Oregonians tax burden is at 10.3 percent. Residents of the Beaver State pay more than $4,100 per capita.

Moving further in the list of most tax burdened states Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania round out the top 15.

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