Getting a letter from the IRS is scary for most people, but when you work for Uncle Sam, it takes on a whole new meaning. GI Tax serving Palm Bay FL can make sure the only news you get from the IRS is a letter reflecting your refund status! We provide financial advice and tax services that keeps you out of harm’s way with the IRS. When you work for Uncle Sam, the IRS does not have to search too hard to slap a garnishment on your wages and make life miserable. The right financial advice keeps you out of hot water with your command and the IRS. At GI Tax we have the financial services professionals that can provide you with the advice and direction that you need to keep your finances above board at all times.

Credit Repair Service & Counseling

As a military member/government employee the expectation is that you are going to be able to effectively manage your credit, but sometimes things get out of control, we are here to help reel your finances back in and get you on the right track. Our finance experts can help you come up with a doable budget that you can comfortably live with and get to work repairing your credit. You can:

  • Get a fresh start
  • Get rid of the stress and worry
  • Focus on your career and family

The Tax Professionals

We will search for every dime that the IRS owes you. We take our responsibility to you and your family seriously because we know that every dime counts. We can help you get this tax year under your belt and start planning for the next. Our tax preparers work diligently to provide you with exceptional services and get you the biggest refund they can.

You Can Learn

We are convinced that GI Tax is the best model for financial planning, tax prep and helping people get more out of their money that we offer the opportunity to become a tax professional. Our tax training boot camp and advanced tax preparation education can turn you from a soldier into a tax professional in no time! Contact us for more information!