Many people make the mistake of thinking that finance experts and financial advice is only for the wealthy in Rockledge FL. The fact is the best time to get financial services is when you are trying to build your wealth! With the right direction from the tax services at GI

Tax, you will be on a path to achieve your goals. We are the tax preparers close to you that have the financial expertise to provide a range of financial services including credit repair services & counseling! Our goal is to help our clients manage their money better.

Take Command of Your Financial Future

At GI Tax, we are here to help you with income tax preparation services that seek out the tax credits that you need to reduce your tax liability. We work with you to plan for the upcoming tax year so that you can keep more of your money and pay less to the IRS. We are here to help you build your wealth through smart financial management. We provided the trusted advice that helps you make more out of your pay check!

Join our Team

We are getting geared up for tax time again and are looking for a few good men and women that are interested in learning how to earn through our:

  • Tax training program to learn the basics and beyond

  • Tax training boot camp

  • Advanced tax preparation education to expand your knowledge base

We are creating tax professionals that can give the solid tax advice and prepare returns. We invite military members, homemakers and others that are looking for a way to work part or full time in the income tax preparation industry to take our courses! Contact us to learn more about our tax training program or to get the tax support you need today!