History of Income Taxes and Why We File on April 15

Every year you do your taxes but have you ever stopped and wondered how the payment of income taxes got started? Or why the due date to file tax returns is April 15?

The federal government’s top source of revenue, income taxes are an important part of society. It’s how we pay for many of the necessities that are a part of our daily lives. Members of the nation’s workforce as well as entities such as corporations, trusts, estates, and others that pay income taxes with their profits pay these taxes.

Be Thankful for your Taxes

This week we’ll be getting ready to celebrate one of our country’s best holidays, Thanksgiving. While we’re selecting our turkey and preparing the feast we can’t help but think back to when our forefathers first came to this great land. Every year since we’ve been working to create a better America, and one way that we’re able to achieve that, is through our taxes.